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I have interviewed my friend who is a Food Blogger. She doesn’t have a website yet but has a big personal brand on Social Media in my Town.

So let’s begin.


Me: Hey, Shanaya I was just curious about how you build such great audience support.


She: I’ve been consistently working on the content I share. Try to reply to everyone in the comments. Come Live to interact with my Followers.


Me: You came a long way now because of your consistency, How do manage your office work and this work of Food Blogging side by side?


She: I work for the whole day in my office with all my dedication only there. Before sleeping I make a To-Do List of tomorrow’s content for my Food Blogging Page. It makes my work really easy the day I get up in the morning I make the content and Publish it.


Me: Damn it must be really hectic and really tiring. 


She: It is! It is! But it doesn’t matter when you work towards your passion you make time from it besides, I have a very supportive audience who constantly supports me.


Me: That’s great! How are you planning to grow more now?


She: Yes I‘ve been planning to grow my Food Blogging page from Insta to YouTube now and soon make a website with my domain name to make it look really official.


Me: That is so great Shanaya, it was so good talking to you, and all the best for your future endeavors.


Shanaya: Thank you for such a healthy conversation I feel more dedicated towards my passion now.

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